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Director of Project Delivery & Inside Sales


We are proud to welcome Mark Perry to the Cadeon family as Director of Project Delivery & Inside Sales. Mark brings over 20 years of IT experience that includes software development, database administration, project management, recruitment and account management.

Mark holds a Masters’ degree in IT, is an avid golfer & sports fan, movie buff, and personal chef to his 4 young kids.

Welcome to the team, Mark. We are excited for your leadership as we shape the future of Cadeon project delivery and the employee & client experience.


How long have you been working at Cadeon?

Since September 2020.


How would you describe Cadeon’s culture?

Cadeon is always evolving to move forward. With a small, tight-knit family, it's easier to move things along to satisfy clients' objectives. It's great that you can talk to the CEO directly on a daily basis as needed.


What do you like best about Cadeon?

The ability to wear multiple hats and provide input into all areas of the business. The opportunity to deal with clients all over the world is also very exciting.


What is the most interesting thing you’ve worked on?

Working with a large foodservice client that has restaurants all over Canada. Faster data, faster analytics, faster customer satisfaction.


Where do you think Cadeon is going?

Cadeon’s next chapter is limitless. Data analytics is constantly evolving with no sign of slowing down. People and companies will always want more data to make better-informed decisions.


What value do you think Cadeon adds for its clients?

Cadeon's value add is providing new features in data analytics and being able to educate/train clients and staff using the latest technologies.

It's about educating our clients (current and future) on the benefits of all options so we can assist in building a roadmap with them.


What value do you think Cadeon has added to your career?

Cadeon has provided me with an opportunity to wear multiple hats and expand upon my skills as well as to work with new, cutting-edge technology.


What would you tell someone considering working at Cadeon?

If you like the thrill of a roller coaster and jumping on different rides, this is the place for you. It’s a work hard play hard environment with limitless potential to continually learn new things.

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