Kelley Blair

Lead Training Consultant

Kelley Blair is the Lead Training Consultant.

I am an experienced technical, software trainer with a background in both the education and technology sectors. I have a passion for teaching and breaking down complex processes and applications to make them understandable for students of all levels. I love working with learners from around the world helping them to turn their data into meaningful information to make better business decisions. I am also a TIBCO Certified Professional with certifications in Spotfire, Data Virtualization and TIBCO Data Science.

In my role at Cadeon I am responsible for overseeing our training programs. I work to develop high-quality training content that is student-focused with an emphasis on engagement and hands-on learning. I also have the wonderful opportunity to work first hand with many of our clients teaching that material in our classes. My goal is to enable our clients to use their data and the systems developed in collaboration with Cadeon’s Data Analytics Specialists to make more informed, meaningful business decisions.

Cadeon culture is very much focused on teamwork and collaboration – not only amongst ourselves but with our clients as well. The entire team is always willing to pitch in and to support each other. Everyone has a positive outlook and we all look for the opportunity in any challenges or changes that come our way.

The most interesting thing that I have worked on is right here at Cadeon where I have been given the opportunity to help build a training program focused on learners and enabling them to get the most from their data.

In today’s world, organizations are accumulating more and more data. The challenge is to get a handle on that data to turn it into actionable insights. We are a team of experienced data professionals that can help you do that. At all levels of the organization, Cadeon is focused on helping our clients make more informed data-driven business decisions.

Working at Cadeon has given me the opportunity to combine two of my passions: data and teaching to help build a meaningful, effective training program with a focus on student engagement and customer enablement. It has also provided me the ability to work with and learn from a focused team of world-class data professionals. I can’t imagine a better place to take my career to the next level.

Cadeon is an exciting place to work and will give you the opportunity to develop professionally. If you love working with data and want a career that is both challenging and rewarding, come join us!

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