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With solid, predictable data, you can make the right decisions to effectively manage your organization and prepare it for the information-fueled economy of the (near) future. When you work with us, we’ll help you access your information clearly and gain a full picture of what’s happening inside your business.

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What if There Was a Simple Solution to Your Complex Problems?

Are you being held back by old-school reporting processes that cost you more time than the outdated data is worth? We’re in a time of exponential information growth, rapid change and disruption. Chances are, you don’t simply want to exist in this space, but you want to thrive: leveraging information to make a positive impact on your business, people, and the society around you.

If this sounds familiar, then Cadeon’s Information Management Services are the right choice to help you start using your organization’s information more effectively.

Here’s a Snapshot of Our Technical Capabilities and Offerings

At Cadeon, we can help your business in lots of different ways, and tailor solutions to your goals and objectives. More than just consultants, our team of experts will step into the trenches with you to train your team, implement the solutions, and monitor your progress so you can feel confident in your results.

Our technical offerings include…

Initial Planning

Workshops and Training

Installation Assistance

Architectural Engagements,
Delivery, & Quality


Upgrade Assistance

Dashboard Development

Connections to
Data Sources

Managed Services and
Long-term Sustainability

Take a closer look at how we can help your business below…

Services to Help You Unlock the Full Power of Your Data

Spotfire Training

Get the right training to ensure your business can fully access and leverage your data. From beginner to advanced training levels our experienced training consultants customize the course to fit your needs. We have trained thousands of people and offer on-site training and training by role. Ensure your team’s success for years to come when you fully understand the best and fastest ways to access and display your information.

The TIBCO courses are delivered by experts who regularly use the software. The courses help you and your team members master the TIBCO programs. Cadeon offers Fundamental classes including…

A 2-Day Starter Course

TIBCO Admin Course

Advance Topical Courses

Customized Courses

Data Visualization, Reporting & Analytics

Empower your team with real-time visual data that makes it easy to understand and share your data across your organization. As certified vendor partners with the leading business analytics reporting platform, Spotfire, we empower your team with the right guidance on data migration.

With access to professional dashboards and executive summaries, you’ll easily be able to…

Identify emerging trends faster.

Spot blindspots and apply corrective measures.

Spot shifts in customer behavior and market conditions.

See current connections between operating conditions and business performance.

Clearly see the whole picture.

Data Virtualization

Create a master database from information spread across multiple different sources so you can see all your information in one clear place. This data integration approach allows you to gain important performance insights, even without any technical knowledge.

Leveraging your information to make informed decisions has never been simpler with real-time data collection, processing, and analytics. Plus, data virtualization saves operating costs as you respond faster to evolving information.

Enterprise Information Architecture

As information grows, there is more and more data to try to manage. You need to assemble your organization’s information in a way that is intuitive and easy to access. This helps you leverage the data and use it as one of your greatest assets.

We help you get a clear view and solid understanding of your business processes, applications, and data assets. This provides you with an easy-to-understand roadmap for business success. Our senior team members have extensive experience working with data and know how to implement information architecture best practices.

Data Security Analytics

We partner with world-class security providers so you can trust your data without the complexity. Data security gives you peace of mind knowing your network and information are safe. We use the power of analytics and machine learning to safeguard your data from both external and internal threats.

Our data security analytics solutions go beyond simple firewalls and aim to stop threats before they fully manifest. With the technology landscape ever-changing there are increased vulnerabilities and malignant activities are no longer obvious. Cadeon’s security solutions offer robust protections against all modern threats.

Machine Learning and AI

Cadeon’s machine learning and AI tools use algorithms to find new answers and outcomes in your data. The traditional ways of analyzing data are time-consuming and drain resources. But our game-changing tool optimizes and automates the process so you can start making significant changes to your business.

We don’t simply sell the software. We’ll equip you with the right skills to leverage this technology so you can make the most of it.

Canada Digital Adoption Plan Advisor

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is providing grants up to $15,000 and up to $100,000 in interest-free loans when you work with a certified digital advisor. As your advisor, we’ll get you on your way by guiding you through the grant/loan paperwork. We’re here to help your small to medium size business grow by developing a digital transformation plan completely tailored to the exact needs of your business.

Implementing a digital transformation plan can help grow your business by…

Reducing overhead costs.

Speeding up transactions.

Responding to clients quicker.

Effectively managing your inventory.

Improving supply chain logistics.

And more!

Get your questions answered and see if you qualify when you schedule a 30-minute session to speak with one of our advisors.

Cadeon Is There for You During Each Stage of the Process

Initial Planning Stage

Initial assessments and reviews

Business objectives review

Capacity planning

Technology integration

Initial Planning Stage

Workshops and training

Installation and deployment

Dashboard development

Data reporting and analytics

Training & Development

Spotfire Training

Data Virtualization Training

Custom on-site training & coaching

Monthly public user courses

Long Term Sustainability

Ongoing health checkups

Upgrade assistance

Data security analytics

Machine learning & AI

After 15 years in the industry and 30+ product certifications, we have a lot of happy clients…

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When you have access to information that is organized and easy to understand you’ll save time, money, and increase productivity. We’re here to make your job easier. Get started risk-free when you take The $10K Digital Transformation Challenge.

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