Steve Dolha

Chief Data Officer

Steve Dolha is the Chief Data Officer.

I am a 40-year IT professional with over 15 years as a Data Architect and Chief Data Officer. I have significant experience with application development, data architecture and analytics delivery. Over the past 15 years I’ve been a technical lead or architect on many large-scale data projects across several different industries including Banking, Restaurant chains, Oil & Gas (both upstream and downstream), Financial Services, and Manufacturing. My outside pursuits are Fine Art Photography, Woodworking and playing Classical Guitar.

My Role at Cadeon is to manage and coach the Cadeon Analytics delivery team from delivery and technical perspectives as well as provide hands-on expertise to ensure that all our projects are delivered with the highest quality and timeliness.

Cadeon culture is one in which I can keep growing both my technical skills as well as interact with a team that places value on lifelong learning and growth. It is a culture that supports our clients to achieve their business objectives through the appropriate use of data assets.

I recently worked on a large project that surfaced data into a Spotfire dashboard to support the management of a restaurant chain’s distribution and supply chain.

Cadeon offers Solutions to its clients to get added outcomes by utilizing advanced technology. 

Cadeon has provided me with a way to use my years of experience to give back to the up-and-coming generation of IT professionals through mentoring and coaching as well as continue to hone my technical knowledge in service of Cadeon’s clients.

Working for Cadeon is ideal for those who have the desire to plan and prioritize the tasks and ready to juggle multiple projects. With that in mind, working at Cadeon offers rewarding experiences delivering business value using advanced state of the art technology.

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