Here’s what our clients have to say

2022 marked the year when we finally introduced Spotfire to our corporate analytical reporting workbench. Cadeon's team played an absolutely essential role in guiding us, and fast-tracking development of in-house competency. Kudos!!

Marcel Preteau

Cadeon supported the design and implementation of a new product for our database that leveraged Tibco services. This involved a lot of "new things" for our company. Fortunately our Cadeon team of Mark, Steve, Cristi and Greg not only got the job done, they also gave the patience and advice we really needed. I enjoy working with this group because I can just describe what I need and they can translate it into a project plan.

Catie Donohue

We have relied on Cadeon implementing and supporting our Tibco Spotfire Production and Development environments as well as our training. It’s been a great working relationship with the Cadeon team depending on their expertise as we continue to grow our environment.

Mike Hartman

Really helpful. We have used Cadeon for Spotfire installs and updates which are particularly difficult. Even after decades of supporting this software we've run into issues. Recently after moving the spotfire database, for example, there was a small but significant change that held the process up. I was able to reach out (unplanned) and get it solved that afternoon with their help. This was huge. Business critical functions back online in no time.

J Fred Beck

We have been involved with Cadeon for the Spotfire for few years and has been a huge help in the implementation of the tool in house as well as supporting us throughout the last few years and also very recently training many users in the Analyst version and our instructor Ryan Mross was awesome in showing the various features and hands on with all in the training. Thanks so much for all the support and guidance, especially from Mark and Dawn.

Sandeep Alexander

Cadeon has been supporting our Tibco Spotfire development and training over the last 12 months. Cadeon has been very helpful in developing visualizations within Spotfire and TDV implementation. Cadeon will suggest licensing levels, train users and will even meet with clients virtually to review development progress. I would highly recommend using them as you begin your journey with Spotfire.

Jim Buck

Cadeon team helps our firm with the support and maintenance of Composite, which is a data virtualization software owned by TIBCO. The team is quite experienced and knowledgeable and is always available to help even in odd hours. We did a project to upgrade the software and the scope of the project was pretty complex. Cadeon helped us in the successful completion with their skills and perseverance. The team, Steve Dolha and Mark Perry is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Nabanita Sarkar

I worked with the Cadeon team in my previous job on a project to upgrade our Tibco Data Virtualization infrastructure. The one aspect of them that strikes me most is their tenacity and perseverance. They were a great help in bringing the project to a successful conclusion. They also worked indefatigably with us through countless iterations of configuration changes, testing, performance fine-tuning, etc.

Bhasker Thodla

I own a technology consulting firm in the US. For more than 10 years, Cadeon has provided excellent service, responsiveness and overall "do what they say they can do" commitments. Rarely do I feel Cadeon gets in over their head and always do they find the best path for additional solutions / partners to inject in the project at the right time!

Jeff Sanders

Cadeon's entire staff has been a great supplement to my data analytics company's capabilities. I highly recommend them.

MIke Layton

This was a great 2-day Spotfire Advanced Training course that has taken my competency and proficiency using the tool to new levels. I highly recommend this course for those who are already familiar with using the basic features of Spotfire and even those who are at an intermediate level.

Alex Renaud

We initially started working with Cadeon in the summer of 2017, at CREB®. Our first engagement was focused on a strategic dash boarding Proof of Concept, with some deeper analytical aspirations for the future. Our foray into this new area was met with encouragement and support; and we pulled the trigger on our first Spotfire licenses.

Shane Griffin

Cadeon partnered with my business to build a data visualization that exceeded expectations!!!

Kelvin Shelton

Pleasure to work with.

Saketh Sai

Incredible organization. Cutting edge with a keen eye for talent 😉 Fantastic leadership. Definitely recommend.

Almin Kassamali