Greg Kreutzer

Director of Operations

Greg Kreutzer is the Director of Operations.

At Cadeon, Greg is focused on overseeing and optimizing day-to-day client engagement and project delivery to achieve their strategic goals. This includes resource allocation and optimization, ensuring quality, continuous improvement, and driving innovation.

Greg has participated in or led many small to large-scale projects, ranging from defining business requirements and processes to implementing a variety of technology solutions. He has always seen digital transformation as a means to increase value for an organization through innovation, invention, and customer experience techniques.

Greg has more than 30 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry. Early in his career, he worked in each functional area of the Joint Venture Accounting processes, including time spent in a production office. Greg then transitioned into a business analyst role, where he contributed to building, implementing, training, and managing the joint venture accounting processes in the Oracle JD Edwards ERP system. Subsequently, he served as the manager of business processes for a major energy marketing company, overseeing the implementation of business process changes. Following that, Greg conducted a comprehensive review of business processes for the application division of the energy regulator. For the past 8 years, he has been providing digital transformation services to a crude oil midstream marketing company.

I am responsible for ensuring that Cadeon’s operations run smoothly and efficiently. This includes improving processes, identifying areas of inefficiency, and implementing strategies to increase productivity and reduce costs.

I work closely with the executive team to develop and execute Cadeon’s overall strategy, which involves planning, goal setting, and considering operational feasibility and resource allocation.

I oversee performance management and management systems within Cadeon. This includes establishing key performance indicators, monitoring processes, and implementing initiatives that drive performance improvement across all functional areas.

Acting as a bridge between functional areas of Cadeon to foster collaboration and coordination. Promoting communication, alignment goals and teamwork to ensure effective execution of strategies and projects.

Cadeon’s culture is one that strives to create a positive and enjoyable work environment. The company understand that a collaborative and supportive culture enhances employee engagement and productivity.

Employees are encouraged to think creatively, take calculated risks, and explore innovative approaches to problem-solving in providing value to clients. The culture supports experimentation, adaptability, and embracing change, as new technologies and methodologies emerge.

There is an emphasis on thorough data analysis, robust methodologies, and rigorous testing to ensure the accuracy and reliability of insights and recommendations.

Teams are composed of data scientists, analysts, statisticians, domain experts, and technologists working together to tackle complex problems, combining their diverse perspectives and skills.

Leading the Operations side of Cadeon allows me to be involved in a number of different Digital Transformation projects. It enables me to witness how the process of integrating digital transformation into various aspects of an organization fundamentally changes how it operates, delivers value to customers, and interacts with stakeholders. This includes leveraging digital tools, technologies, and data to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation across all areas of a business.

Cadeon offers solutions to its clients by enabling data-driven decision making, providing actionable insights, enhancing efficiency and cost savings, fostering a competitive advantage, improving customer understanding, supporting risk management, offering scalability and flexibility, and driving continuous innovation to leverage the power of their data.

Cadeon offers its workforce a plethora of opportunities by engaging in digital transformation initiatives that expose employees to new technologies, tools, and methodologies. Giving employees opportunities to develop and expand their skill set, acquire expertise in areas such as data analysis, process improvement, cloud computing, data-driven insights, multicultural collaboration and stimulating innovation and creativity. Future-proofing their career potential in the digital age.

Working for Cadeon is exciting and dynamic. Where you get to work with a variety of organizations, experience their culture and collaborate with individuals at all professional levels.

Opportunity to work with datasets of all sizes, explore trends and patterns, derive meaningful insights, modern technologies and frameworks, and help companies make informed value-added decisions.

Working at Cadeon can be intellectually stimulating, professionally rewarding, and offers significant growth opportunities.

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