Data Analytics Developer


Leo is a data analytics developer and support specialist. He assists with all of application support for all new customers, upgrades, and also assists with development.


How long have you been working at Cadeon?

Over a year.


How would you describe Cadeon’s culture?

Cadeon is open-minded and open door-ed company. They deal with leading edge technology, and the team members are skilled as well as approachable.


What do you like best about Cadeon?

The technology is leading-edged and advance. The opportunity to deal with interesting customers in Calgary beyond is also very interesting.


What is the most interesting thing you’ve worked on?

Working in a large data virtualization environment to help upgrade the project. This proved challenging but a great learning opportunity.


Where do you think Cadeon is going?

Cadeon’s future is interesting, the economy is catching up, and they are also getting leads in many industries. There is a lot of demand for both training and consultation.


What value do you think Cadeon adds for its clients?

Cadeon is revamping their model to prioritize innovation in addition to savings and value. There is a large amount of big data coming into businesses, and these organizations need to have practices and tools in place to manage and act on it.


What value do you think Cadeon has added to your career?

Cadeon has provided an opportunity for Leo to expand upon his skills as well as to work with interesting new technology.


What would you tell someone considering working at Cadeon?

Leo would tell the person that Cadeon is not a conventional job. It requires a lot of dedication, yet also provides flexibility and learning opportunities.

Cadeon normally hires experts, but there is also an opportunity for learning.

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