Data Analytics Specialist


Jade is responsible for the Spotfire training program here at Cadeon. She works to design courses that are appropriate for different skill levels, schedules classes and delivers the training. She graduated at the top of her class in Chemical Engineering at University of Alberta, and has 4 years of experience in oil and gas, including field and plant operations. In her free time Jade loves performing arts, outdoor recreation and travel.


What Do You Do At Cadeon?

My role at Cadeon is to be responsible for the Spotfire training program, I schedule classes with the clients and design the courses that are appropriate for their skill level and the people who are attending the class and then I go to the client’s site to deliver the training.


How Would You Describe Cadeon’s Culture

Cadeon has a very independent culture, we work in a very fast paced environment but we come together as a team to support each other and help reach our goals.


What Do You Like Best About Cadeon?

At Cadeon I really enjoy the work that we do and the people that we work with. We are on the cutting edge of the digital transformation and the people that we work with here are all very honest and transparent with each other.


What Is The Most Interesting Thing You’ve Worked On?

The most interesting thing that I do at Cadeon is the consulting work. I get to see the inner workings of different companies and see how their business operates and how they use Spotfire Tibco Data Virtualization and other digital transformation tools to benefit their company, and I take that knowledge and apply it to future clients going forward.


Where Do You Think Cadeon Is Going

I think that Cadeon is part of a rapidly growing industry, and the nature of our business is not tied to any specific location or any physical resources so that we have the ability and drive to continue growing and take on the world.


What Value Does Cadeon Add To Clients

Cadeon is not only an expert in data virtualization, visualization and analytics but we have people in our company that are also experts in certain industries, and we combine our skills with our knowledge to help our clients.


What Value Do You Think Cadeon Has Added To Your Career

I used to work as an engineer and I felt very pigeon-holed by that role in the industry so when I was working a lot with data analytics I wanted to continue working in that direction, and Cadeon has allowed me to grow and expand my horizons and work with different clients to do consulting and see what things are like in all different businesses.


What Would You Tell Someone Considering Working at Cadeon?

I would tell someone considering working at Cadeon to be prepared to work in a small business environment, you will have a lot of freedom, a lot of independence to do your own work, and if you have a lot of motivation and you love working with data then you will find that this is a very rewarding place to work.

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