Phil Unger

Founder & CEO

Hi! After working as an enterprise architect for 13 years, I created Cadeon to help fill a gap in information delivery by bringing a team of talented people together with the goal of serving your business.

Over the years, Cadeon has evolved to help businesses harness the power of the data in their business. I believe organizations are more successful when they make better decisions informed by data.

However, on their journey, they discovered two things: that not everyone wanted a whole team to come in, that there was an information gap. The Cadeon team realized that was going to be a need for organizations with an understanding of information and data, and subsequently pivoted Cadeon in this direction.

Steve Dolha

Chief Data Officer

I am a 40-year IT professional with over 15 years as a Data Architect and Chief Data Officer. I have significant experience with application development, data architecture and analytics delivery. Over the past 15 years I’ve been a technical lead or architect on many large-scale data projects across several different industries including Banking, Restaurant chains, Oil & Gas (both upstream and downstream), Financial Services, and Manufacturing. My outside pursuits are Fine Art Photography, Woodworking and playing Classical Guitar.

Senior Account Executive

Senior Account Executive
I’m a customer-centric sales professional who strives to help businesses drive transformation and success through technology and training. With over a decade of experience with TIBCO Software in a variety of roles, I am excited to join Cadeon, one of TIBCO’s top partners, and continue delivering positive business outcomes for our customers.

Greg Kreutzer

Director of Operations

At Cadeon, Greg is focused on overseeing and optimizing day-to-day client engagement and project delivery to achieve their strategic goals. This includes resource allocation and optimization, ensuring quality, continuous improvement, and driving innovation.

Kelley Blair

Lead Training Consultant

I am an experienced technical, software trainer with a background in both the education and technology sectors. I have a passion for teaching and breaking down complex processes and applications to make them understandable for students of all levels. I love working with learners from around the world helping them to turn their data into meaningful information to make better business decisions. I am also a TIBCO Certified Professional with certifications in Spotfire, Data Virtualization and TIBCO Data Science.


Client Engagement Director

With over 25 years in the IT sector, I’ve gained extensive industry experience and remain committed to continuous learning in this dynamic field. I prioritize listening comprehensively to understand our clients’ businesses, enabling us to deliver impactful solutions. Building and maintaining trust is paramount, and I strive to maximize value in every interaction.