Case Study

Spotfire® for Automation Services with for the Cadeon Print Module (CPM)

Solution Summary

Our Client required a way to automatically generate PDF reports for their end-clients. Each report contained ~10 tabs with various chart and table visualizations. The final Automation Services solution was able to export any number of reports using the Spotfire Print by Cadeon extension to provide clean, uncluttered and precisely formatted reports.

Business Problem

End-client reports were required in order to review process performance of the services carried out by our Client.

Upwards of 30 reports could be required to be created any given day.

Spotfire’s standard method for exporting reports would truncate any table visualizations that spanned more than the current page

Chart visualizations would not always render
as easy to read nor made efficient use of available page space using the standard Spotfire Export functionality.

Proven Solution

To meet this need Automation Services was used to create an “Export to PDF” job, which was then called from an external script. This allowed for the export of any number of reports, depending whether or not updated data was found for any given end-client.

In order to improve both the readability and use of space the Spotfire Print by Cadeon extension was incorporated into the Automation Services job by using the “Custom Export to PDF”

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