Case Study

Spotfire® for Organizational KPI Analysis in Real Estate

Solution Summary

Our client is an organization composed
of over 5,600 licensed realtors across the Calgary region. The company’s external board of directors were seeking to investigate the organization’s key performance indicators with emphasis on membership information, employee performance, and the company’s financials. The goal was to provide direct dashboard access through the company’s website, automate KPI metrics updates within the dashboard, and increase information intuition through visualization.

Business Problem

A myriad of data sources were available from various business units within the organization, clutter was very common, and obtaining KPIs from individual spreadsheets was labor intensive.

Current reporting solutions were static, required manual manipulation, and very repetitive.

External board of directors required dynamic, interactive results, and direct accessibility within the company’s main website, to bypass the need to open a separate app.

Proven Solution

TIBCO Data Virtualization was used to aggregate data sources to a centralized location, create custom queries to manipulate data tables, and perform data wrangling prior to analysis.

Spotfire was chosen to present the underlying data using intuitive visualizations based on defined key performance metrics, as well as establishing relationships between several variables.

Cadeon was requested to assist in providing the organization’s external board of directors easy access to the dashboard, whilst providing them with the ability to interact with the embedded visualizations and drill down further to investigate their meaning.

Due to the large volume of information coming from various sources on an ongoing basis, Spotfire was used to automate updates to KPIs, reducing the risk of making manual calculation errors, and streamline data driven decision making

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