What is Wrong With Digital Transformation in 2019?

What is Wrong With Digital Transformation in 2019?

It’s hard to believe that 2019 has come and gone. Over the course of this year, we have seen a new government in Alberta, a minority government in Ottawa, and the most divided country since the days of Pierre Elliott Trudeau. We are also dealing with the longest recession of most peoples’ lifetime in Western Canada since the Great Depression.

Spaghetti Approach to Digital Transformation

All these factors are contributing to the spaghetti approach to Digital Transformation that we are seeing today. Let’s move and copy all of our data to the cloud – that will solve everything. Or, let’s invest millions in evolving technology and partner with the big 3 tech vendors and hope magic will happen.

The result? High expense and minimal results. Companies engaging in the spaghetti approach end up spending millions of dollars and may receive only thousands of dollars in benefit, if anything at all. We know this model isn’t profitable and gains as much traction as undercooked spaghetti when it hits the wall: almost none.

There is No Magic Pill When It Comes to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation, like many initiatives, cannot be bought off the shelf. You have to do the work. It is a process with experienced professionals using technologies to get your organization data aware and healthy.

To achieve a successful outcome requires investment and knowledgeable data people. You need a proven approach with experienced people to lead the way. Let’s avoid the spaghetti approach of throwing technology against the wall and hoping it sticks.

The $10K Digital Transformation Challenge at Cadeon

Let us lead the way for you with a digital transformation for your business and we promise the value of our services will outweigh your investment. In 2020, we will be introducing the $10K Digital Transformation Challenge. We’ll get you started down the right path for $10K, or you get it free.

Happy holidays to all and wishing you a successful digital transformation in the new year!

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