5 Reasons You Should Upgrade to Spotfire 10

5 Reasons You Should Upgrade to Spotfire 10

Spotfire 10 not only provides an outstanding user experience for BI and Analytics; Spotfire 10 pushes the border of BI by allowing for analyzation of streaming data from dozens of sources such as Kafka, MQTT, Salesforce Streaming, WITS, OsiPi and many Capital Market Exchanges, and other TIBCO Technologies such as FTL and EMS. With Spotfire 10, you can enjoy the functionality of building real-time dashboards. It further allows the interconnectivity of streaming and historical data to provide insight for the present and historical data, or it allows for the static data as context into the streaming data (Tibco Community).

Here’s our take on Spotfire 10:

  1. New UI
    The new UI on Spotfire 10 is way more friendly to beginner Spotfire users. It walks you through how to start creating visualizations in Spotfire (rather than giving you a blank slate and a long toolbar of icons that don’t have descriptions unless you hover over each one individually). Also, the concept of an Authoring Bar makes so much sense as this is where all the creation (authoring) happens.

  2. Data Canvas
    This is completely integrated into the product now. It can easily wrangle data, add rows/columns and edit them. Which is highly effective vs previously having to delete projects because there was no way of replacing data sources or editing the joins. The new UI on each step is also very user-friendly.

  3. Data in Analysis Panel
    Highly useful, the detailed properties on each column are easy to navigate and allow you to look at your distribution of data, data types, values in the column, and edit. Recommendations are also available now, and more powerful with AI built-in. It further can suggest relationships between different columns.

  4. Files and Data Panel
    This beautiful and highly intuitive process of adding new data to your analysis with one location to be able to add all that you need.

  5. Natural Language Query
    It makes it easier to mark certain values in a column.

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