What Is New With TIBCO Spotfire 11

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What Is New With TIBCO Spotfire 11

TIBCO Spotfire® is the most complete data analytics solution on the market. It is a smart, secure, flexible, and scalable tool that provides data visualization, discovery, wrangling, and predictive analytics capabilities. Here are some of the new features of TIBCO Spotfire® 11.0 and how they can benefit you.
TIBCO Spotfire® is a data analytics software designed to help businesses unlock the potential of real-time data so they can make faster and smarter decisions. This innovative solution provides you with all the tools you need to collect, analyze, and visualize your data. We offer tailored TIBCO software training courses that will:
  • Equip you with the skills required to harness the full potential of this software
  • Help you understand the best and fastest way to access and display information
  • Allow you to fully leverage your investment and make it a total game-changer for your business
  • Teach you the best practices for visualizing information, both for themselves and for broader business use

We Offer Custom Spotfire® Training Courses

At Cadeon, we offer our clients fully tailored TIBCO Spotfire® training courses. We will customize the course to fulfill all your needs and ensure that the material is relevant to your specific industry. For over five years, we have successfully helped novices with little experience in data analytics learn to use TIBCO’s software at an advanced level.

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Introducing the New TIBCO Spotfire® 11 Software

The new TIBCO Spotfire® 11.0 software provides businesses with an analytics program that integrates data visualization, streaming analytics, and data science into a single, seamless experience. Thanks to the new Spotfire® Mods capabilities, you can build custom analytics applications faster and directly within the Spotfire® environment.

In addition to this, Spotfire® 11.0 contains many highly requested features, including:

  • A recommendation engine that will not only help users discover which visualizations best represent their data but also enables them to discover the reasons behind data points.
  • The ability to look at both real-time and historical data side by side so you can select a real-time data point and view the corresponding historical data in the same visualization.
  • Enhanced connectivity to Python, to better enable data scientists and other new connectors.

Benefits of Opting for TIBCO Spotfire® Software

TIBCO Spotfire® software is the most complete data analytics solution on the market, enabling businesses to explore and visualize new discoveries in data through immersive dashboards and advanced analytics.

Here are some benefits of the TIBCO Spotfire® 11.0 software:

  • TIBCO Spotfire® Mods: Mods interact with any library, API, or workflow and always leverage built-in Spotfire® capabilities. This makes it easier for developers to create fit-for-purpose visualizations that blend seamlessly into the end-user experience.
  • Enhanced User Experience for Data Functions: The new f(x) flyout feature enables the pinning of frequently used data function definitions to the data panel flyout. A simple click of a pinned f(x) icon applies a data function to new analyses as a convenient and natural step in the workflow.
  • API and SDK Updates: The Spotfire® welcome page content can now be customized with content such as graphics, texts, and links.
  • Immersive Visual Analytics: With the Spotfire® analytics platform and the TIBCO hyper-converged analytics advantage, you will get a seamless, single-pane-of-glass experience for visual analytics, data discovery, and point-and-click insights.

Kickstart Your Journey to Success With Our Free Online Webinar

On Wednesday, November 18, at 11 AM (MST) tune in online for a quick and informative power hour session, during which we will discuss how Cadeon and TIBCO helped A&W make the most of technology, gain a competitive edge, and fast track their journey to digital transformation, thanks to our $10K challenge.

During this session, we will discuss:

  • Ways in which your organization can achieve successful digital transformation
  • How you can boost your ROIs, gain efficiencies, and increase insights
  • Our risk-free digital transformation challenge
  • How TIBCO software can accelerate your digital transformation

Cadeon’s $10K Digital Transformation Challenge

Our risk-free, $10K Digital Transformation Challenge is a five-day consulting, software, and training pilot that will give you the opportunity to test-drive our solutions and kickstart your journey to digital success.

Want to prepare your business to adapt to the digital world?

Custom Spotfire® Training Courses in Calgary

The right training is key to ensuring businesses fully access and leverage their data. Our customized TIBCO Spotfire® courses are delivered by experienced training consultants, who regularly use this software and can customize the training to fit all your needs.

To find out more, contact us at (403) 475-2494 or fill out our online contact form.

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