Cadeon Presents: Secrets of Spotfire Webinar ft. Dr. Spotfire

Cadeon Presents: Secrets of Spotfire Webinar ft. Dr. Spotfire

Cadeon Presents: Secrets of Spotfire Webinar ft. Dr. Spotfire

In this vlog, we share the secrets of the latest in Spotfire 10.9. Learn how to use your software like a pro with these incredible tips, brought to you by Cadeon, and our very own Dr. Spotfire.

What Will I Learn?

  • In this informative video, you will learn:
  • 10.6 – Streaming analytics in web player
  • 10.7 – Native support for Python data functions
  • 10.8 – The Toolbar is back and customizable
  • 10.9 – Dual scales
  • And how participating in the $10K challenge can kickstart your digital transformation

Cadeon is Here to Help

Cadeon is a leader when it comes to using information and data to drive innovation and find cost efficiencies. Read on to hear more about the Cadeon advantage and what it can do for your company today.

Over $300 Million in operational efficiencies and profit have been achieved for Cadeon’s clients as a result of its cutting-edge methodology. Their partnerships with industry leading software and technology companies like Spotfire, Darktrace, DataRobot and Data Virtualization technologies, ensure delivery of maximum results. Cadeon’s competitive advantage is that its’ approach is personalized, innovative, fast and measurable. Cadeon’s portfolio of solutions includes data warehouse automation, data virtualization, data visualization and analytics, unified information management and enterprise information architecture solutions. CIO Review Magazine ranked Cadeon as one of the top twenty data visualization providers in North America for 2016 and Corporate Vision awarded Cadeon the top Data Delivery Platform for Canada in 2017. Cadeon was also a finalist in the recent June Warren Nickels Energy Innovation Awards held in May 2019.

Are you ready to use your tools like a pro to gain more insight and ultimately transform data into Recession-proof ROI? Connect with us today.

The $10K Digital Transformation Challenge at Cadeon

Let us lead the way for you with a digital transformation for your business and we promise the value of our services will outweigh your investment. This five-day consulting ‘test drive’ will prove how much your company can benefit from what we have to offer, guaranteed. We’ll get you started down the right path for $10K, or you get it free.

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