3 Reasons You Need to Invest in Big Data Security Analytics

3 Reasons You Need to Invest in Big Data Security Analytics

In today’s world, big data security analytics is not just important, it’s absolutely essential. With the growing number of cybercriminals, securing your business data is more crucial than ever.

Cybersecurity refers to the technologies, processes, and controls that have been designed to protect systems, networks, and data from cybercriminals and attacks. Effective cybersecurity and big data security analytics help protect against the unauthorized exploitation of your systems and networks.

However, to protect yourself fully, it’s important that you understand the world of cybersecurity, and some interesting facts include

  • The number of cyber attacks is increasing every year.
  • 91% of cyber attacks start with a phishing email.
  • Financial organizations are the biggest targets of cybercriminals.
  • A huge percentage of breaches are preventable.

Protect Your Business Information With Big Data Security Analytics

Do you want peace of mind, knowing that your network and corporate environments are as safe as they can be? Cadeon’s big data security analytics services ensure that you adopt cyber-security best practices to protect you and your organization in the years ahead.

3 Reasons to Invest in Big Data Security Analytics

To run your business successfully, data security is absolutely essential. It doesn’t matter if you are a small start-up company, or a global conglomerate, big data security analytics is necessary to protect your data against threats, and more importantly, protect your brand reputation.

Here are 3 reasons why you may want to consider investing in data security:

1. It Will Help You Protect Your Reputation

The aim of most businesses is to offer trustworthy services to their customers. In return, clients will feel comfortable providing your company with sensitive information with every purchase. So while no company intentionally intends to harm their clients, a data leak or attack could negatively impact the reputation of your business.

Why? When a security breach happens, it’s not only money that is at stake. Stolen data can also put your customers at risk, and as a result, threaten the future of your business.

Remember: Brand reputation takes years to gain and only minutes to destroy, so investing in data security services can be the best step to take for your company.

2. You’ll Counteract the Growing Number of Automated Bot Attacks

Over the years, cyber attacks are becoming more automated. This means they are initiated without the involvement of the hacker. These automated attacks work to divert the attention of the security team to gain access to your systems.

Having a data security system in place ensures a lower risk of breaches and higher protection of your clients’ data.

3. You Can Save Money

A data breach not only puts your clients at risk, but it can also result in unnecessary and high expenses for your company. These expenditures can include:

  • The cost of a fine
  • Disruption of employee workflow and productivity.
  • Additional costs required to restore the safety of your company data and network

Long-term cost: Because such an attack can impact the trust and reliability of your company, it will impact the future profits of your firm and potentially jeopardize growth opportunities.

Why Data Security is So Important

Data security is absolutely vital for every business, despite the size. Why? Regardless of the type of data breach, your business will definitely be negatively impacted by the consequences, which can include downtime and expensive legal fees.

That’s why it’s imperative for companies to employ data security mechanisms and procedures to protect all their data against threats.

Cadeon Helps to Protect Your Clients’ Information and Your Company’s Reputation

At Cadeon, we partner with world-class security providers and employ the power of analytics, machine learning, and expert techniques to keep your company and sensitive data safe. You can find us at 800 5 Ave SW Suite 520, Calgary, AB T2P 3T6.

To find out more, contact us at (403) 475-2494 or fill out our online contact form.

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