The Time To Digitally Transform Is Now!

The Time To Digitally Transform Is Now!

I hope my note finds you well and that you are safe and sound and protected by your loved ones. At Cadeon, we continue to operate from our office and remotely in both Canada and the USA. Now, more than ever, we need to embrace digital transformation, especially when it comes to:

  • Cyber security
  • Data analytics
  • Data virtualization
  • Machine learning and AI

Cyber security incidents, as you can imagine, are on the rise with the influx of remote workers logging in from home. Ransomware is up by more than 800% and cyber criminals are using machine learning and AI to get by the regular safeguards of firewalls, antivirus software, etc. Multiple layers of security are required, especially for data access from the cloud. Online meeting services are being targeted as well. A colleague of ours wrote this recent article on Zoombombing based on his personal experience of an attack during one of his presentations. As always, our priority at Cadeon is keeping our customers and their data safe.

On the data analytics and data virtualization fronts, we continue to see our customers needing accurate, unified information from multiple sources in a single dashboard to know what the best decisions to make in their operations are in these unprecedented times. We recently recorded a webinar with Meagher Energy Advisors that serves as an excellent example of all the data that is required to provide an in-depth analysis of what a parcel of oil and gas property is worth. It is not a trivial task, but tools like Spotfire and data virtualization are helping to stitch this story together. This comes at a time when knowing how much your assets are currently worth is vital for many oil and gas companies to survive.

Here's a recent webinar we hosted with TIBCO:

Interest in leveraging machine learning and AI for solving the COVID-19 pandemic is at an all-time high. IBM is utilizing its Summit supercomputer to help narrow down the types of drugs that would be useful in fighting the disease caused by the virus.

Cyber security companies like Darktrace are using machine learning and AI to detect network anomalies and rogue users who have penetrated the physical security of enterprises, and are looking to attack or exploit their victims. Machine learning is able to detect changes in a user’s behaviour and slow the attack, while simultaneously sending an alert to IT security to investigate the incident. There are so many threats these days that it is very difficult for security teams to ensure they catch them all. Tools like Darktrace that are always on and never sleep can provide that extra peace of mind.

The bottom line is there has never been a better time for embracing digital transformation, and if there is one good thing to learn from this pandemic, it is that industries have to embrace and leverage this new way of operating their businesses. For many, this was viewed as a nice to have and a huge expense to get there. However, the benefits far outweigh the cost when it comes to vulnerabilities/exposure, and result in cost savings when it comes to creating understandable data for a company. Don’t forget, we have our $10K Digital Transformation Challenge, where we incubate your company for a 5 day “try before you buy” consulting service pack with 2-3 data visualizations and data connection, along with software training. Plus, stay tuned for our upcoming training/webinar sessions, so you always have that support, and learning opportunities through Cadeon.

The $10K Digital Transformation Challenge at Cadeon

Let us lead the way for you with a digital transformation for your business and we promise the value of our services will outweigh your investment. This five-day consulting ‘test drive’ will prove how much your company can benefit from what we have to offer, guaranteed. We’ll get you started down the right path for $10K, or you get it free.

We wish continued good health for you, your families and the businesses you are involved in.

Look to Cadeon to help continue your digital transformation in the coming weeks as we all prepare to settle into our new normals.

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