President, CEO, and founder


Phil's experience includes:

  • Founder and Chairman of the Canadian Enterprise Architecture Forum
  • CEO of PHD Enterprise Architecture Inc.
  • Nexen – Chief Architect
  • 11+ years of Telecom experience with Voice and VOIP at Shaw and SaskTel
  • Hockey Coach
  • Car and Sports enthusiasts


What inspired you to start Cadeon?

Phil created Cadeon when he was working as an enterprise architect and saw that there was a gap surrounding delivery. He decided to found a company to fill that niche. The original idea behind Cadeon was to get a group of talented people together and visit a client as a team to deliver the entire project.

However, on their journey, they discovered two things: that not everyone wanted a whole team to come in, that there was an information gap. The Cadeon team realized that was going to be a need for organizations with an understanding of information and data, and subsequently pivoted Cadeon in this direction.


How would you describe Cadeon’s mission, vision, and values? 

Cadeon’s vision is to provide the best the fastest and most measurable information to clients’ fingertips. The mission is to be the steward or to help the customers navigate their digital transformation and remain on course throughout it. 


What problems does Cadeon solve for its clients?

Cadeon helps businesses work with their information. They strive to make the information that they provide to clients actionable. Additionally, Cadeon seeks to help businesses see the value chain that it is coming from to make good decisions. Cadeon is always seeking the best and fastest options for their clients.


What services does Cadeon offer?

Cadeon provides consulting services around information, as well as high-level information architecture. Cadeon also offers software and training for clients, to empower them to manage their own information.


What sets Cadeon apart?

Cadeon has a framework called Synapses, which is a set of information capabilities. It has six information capabilities around taking information and extracting value from it. 

These steps include:

  • preparation
  • analytics
  • virtualization
  • diarization
  • structuralization
  • machine learning and AI

Why should a company work with Cadeon?

Cadeon aims to be clients' guide to all things information-related. This includes providing advice on how to maximize value, providing industry use cases and training, and solving information problems.


What would you tell someone who is considering hiring Cadeon?

The number one reason is that Cadeon is in one of the most exciting spaces of machine learning and AI. Businesses have so much information at their disposal, but often don’t have the time or don’t know the ideal way to collect and extract value from it. 

Cadeon has a highly skilled team with senior experts to help businesses forge a path forward.


Why should someone consider working for Cadeon?

Cadeon is a small, innovative, company that delivers personalized solutions. It offers an opportunity to grow in a highly relevant space and work with world-class clients as well as a senior team.

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