Data Virtualization – Focus On Success Metrics Without Complexity

Cadeon’s data virtualization software allows companies to go to multiple data sources, extract defined data, and create a master database to create the single source of the truth by providing aggregated information.

Once your company has completed its first project - typically 30% faster than before, logical views can then be published and placed in a catalogue to share with the rest of the company, significantly reducing replication and consolidation.


How can data virtualization help a business?

Data virtualization is a responsive data integration approach used to gain business performance insights without needing the technical knowledge to access information, such as how it is formatted or where it is located.

  • Respond faster to evolving analytics.
  • Significantly reduce replication and consolidation.
  • Increase simplicity and save operating costs.

What will set your business apart from the competition?

Understanding and leveraging the right information is the first step in answering this question. Increase your business’ value through the ability to access the data you need, the moment you need it.

Our Take On Your Data Virtualization Needs

Let our team of experts help you unlock your business’ growth potential with a two-pronged approach. We have partnered with TIBCO to deliver a world-class data integration solution in addition to our strategic implementation support:

  • Greater agility, flexibility and cost savings.
  • Real-time data collection, processing, and analytics – on-site or cloud data sources.
  • Simplifies information access for big data, analytics, business intelligence, data services and logical data warehouse initiatives.


What is data virtualization?

Data virtualization is a software that allows companies to be able to go to their data sources and inspect the information contained in them.

Data virtualization acts as a data delivery tier, meaning that clients can create a master database using information from numerous other databases.

For example, if a business would like to gain an understanding of a customer but has the information stored in 20 different databases, data virtualization can help. It allows you to take information from all of the databases and create one logical view.  This allows business to fully see and understand the value of “customer” and is vastly more efficient and precise than analyzing the information from each database separately.

Moving into a data integration opportunity allows customers to react at the speed of business. For this reason, and because of the efficiencies it creates, data virtualization is core to business strategy and to digital transformation.

Data virtualization helps businesses leverage all information assets that they may have "living" in different environments. In a world where there is currently a significant amount of uncertainty concerning mergers and acquisitions, data virtualization provides a path for rapid prototyping. It does this by allowing businesses to connect to assets quickly and easily.


What trends do you see? 

Data virtualization has been around for over 12 years, and there are now many large vendors, as well as open-source options. Data virtualization is being embraced by many, and providers that have been around since the inception of data virtualization have been building more and more functionality into their platforms. There are now more players in the game, but Cadeon believes that those who have been in the space for a longer period of time will continue to improve their offerings.

Data virtualization is on the rise, and is changing the conversation from data warehousing and ETI. Data virtualization offers a virtual data-mart, and can seamlessly aggregate all assets into single view wherever it makes sense. 


How does data virtualization benefit organizations?

Data virtualization offers efficiency through its capacity for reuse. Once a company has taken down their first project (which will likely be 30% faster than any similar project you’ve set up before), employees can publish logical views and place them in a catalogue to share with the company. Others in the company can then search these published views by keyword or category.

Data virtualization becomes the key director towards the single source of the truth by providing aggregated information.

Speed to market is another essential capability this tool provides. Its ability to allow quick analysis across many data sources can help businesses become much more efficient. In other words, data virtualization offers “analytics at the speed of business”.


Could you tell us about a case study involving data virtualization?

A case study where data virtualization made a large difference was with an Exploration and Production (E&P) company, which wanted key performance indicators about how their refineries were producing, the costs of operation, as well as possibilities for cost optimization.

There were many levels of data within the organization, from many different sources. Data virtualization allowed Cadeon to connect to all of the different sources quickly and to aggregate the data into a single tier. They were then able to capture the rules (also in a single tier) and provide the relevant metrics back to the customer, all in 30% less time than a traditional IT project.    

Additionally, it allowed for the leveraging of the information in the future. For example, the data points were stored in the business catalogue, where they could be retrieved for other purposes. Additionally, the fact that all of the business rules are located in one place allows for easy updating should any of them change.


Why should a company choose Cadeon for their data virtualization needs?

Cadeon has a decade of experience and has worked with a large variety of vendors. Cadeon is one of Cisco’s six global partners and has become an elite partner with TIBCO. TIBCO software has the pedigree, experience, and tools to help clients succeed, and Cadeon helps customers use it to its fullest extent. 


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