Oil & Gas Data Analytics Solutions

Oil & Gas Data Analytics Solutions

Successful oil and gas exploration and production require complete information access and analytics drawn from many disparate sources, which often reside in separate silos and can be challenging to accommodate. For example:

  • Databases for oil and gas wells, pipelines, facilities and production.
  • Geological and geophysical (G&G) application data; typically, several G&G applications are in use.
  • Documents related to each phase of well lifecycle management, typically stored in a CMS, file server, etc.

Engineers and managers can often spend 50% to 80% of their time gathering information instead of spending that time taking informed action that maximizes results for each well throughout its lifecycle. Some consequences of lacking integrated and correlated information can be dramatic, such as:

  • Waste of man-hours: engineers and managers manually hunt for necessary data and content.
  • Uninformed decision-making and reduced ability to maximize resources from existing assets.
  • Delays in exploration and production activities.
  • Inefficient or unnecessary expenditures based on “gut feeling” in the absence of complete information.

Recognizing this problem, Cadeon Inc., an Attivio partner, has developed a solution to provide easy access to vital analytics based on a complete informational picture of each well. The solution utilizes Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE), an agile “Analyze Everything” platform that integrates and correlates all silos of data and content, along with TIBCO technology.

The result: Armed with unified information and analytics, oil and gas companies maximize the results of exploration and production efforts for improved revenues and business performance while reducing costs.

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