ISC And Cadeon Employ Newcomers to Guide Newcomers with Mobile App

ISC And Cadeon Employ Newcomers to Guide Newcomers with Mobile App

Immigration Society of Calgary And Cadeon Inc Employ Newcomers to Guide Newcomers with Mobile Applications

Cadeon is pleased to announce the appointment of Jaeyoung Chu as Lead Mobile App Developer for the Welcome to Saskatoon project for the organization, International Women of Saskatoon (IWS). This valuable and accessible tool is designed to connect newcomers to Canada with resources in their communities.

The collaboration for Welcome to Saskatoon follows the success of a similar app developed by Immigrations Services Calgary (ISC). ISC is leading the charge to leverage new technologies that can ease the transition for newcomers to our province. Through the Welcome to Alberta mobile app (Calgary version) launched in November 2019, ISC has created a roadmap guiding users along their journey to settlement. Chu was chosen to lead the development of an Edmonton version that has just launched. This groundbreaking app is inspiring other organizations across Canada to develop their own versions tailored to the needs and resources of their communities.

Born in South Korea Jae completed his Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering before moving to Canada and furthering his studies at Lambton College in Toronto. Jaeyoung is currently working towards obtaining his Permanent Resident status. He is determined to cement his place in the Canadian workforce with his drive, determination, and commitment to his specialization. As a newcomer to Canada himself, Jae brings a unique insight into the development of this app that complements his skill and experience in application development.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity through Cadeon to work with the organizations that are so important to new Canadians. I hope my training and experience moving to Canada myself, contribute to a really valuable tool for people building a new life here. I am excited to continue my journey professionally and personally in Canada.”- Jaeyoung Chu

“As an employer with a diverse team, we understand the challenges newcomers face transferring education and skill sets to their new homes. Consequently, many of Canada’s immigrants are forced to change careers and take on alternative work to make ends meet.” says Phil Unger, CEO of Cadeon.

“Through our relationship/partnership with Immigration Services Calgary (ISC) we are happy to help newcomers to Canada as they endeavour to navigate Canadian workplaces, communities and culture.”

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About ISC

ISC has been providing settlement and integration services to immigrants and refugees since 1997. Working with newcomers to Calgary, they focus on connecting clients with programs and services to ensure a successful transition into Canadian living. Their purpose is:

  • Vision: Unleashing the economic, social & civic potential of clients.
  • Mission: Connecting newcomers to the right service at the right agency every time.
  • Values: We are forward-thinking, adaptable & optimistic. We value accountability, collaboration & impactfulness. We act with integrity and treat people with respect.

About IWS

IWS serves the newcomer, immigrant, and refugee women of Saskatoon and supports their families by providing programming and facilitating connections with community resources.

  • Vision: The empowerment and integration of newcomer, immigrant, and refugee women and their families to reach their full potential as contributing members of Canadian society.
  • Mission: To provide support, programs, and services that respond to the needs of newcomer, immigrant, and refugee women and their families.
  • Goals: To help improve the status of newcomer, immigrant and refugee women and their families residing in Saskatoon and the surrounding area by assisting them to become full participating members in all aspects of Canadian society.
  • Objective: To provide education, counselling and other settlement services for newcomers, immigrants and refugees including language assessment, referral and instruction, employment training, job search programs, seniors’ programs, computer training, skills development training, women’s support groups and programs for at-risk youth.

About Cadeon

Cadeon is a leading provider of data and information management services across North America. Cadeon specializes in formulating innovative solutions through information management and data analytics. To date, Cadeon’s personalized, innovative, fast, and measurable approach has helped clients develop over $300 million in business. Cadeon’s vision is to provide the best, the fastest, and most measurable information to clients’ fingertips. The mission is to be the steward or to help the customers navigate their digital transformation and remain on course throughout it.

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