Digital Transformation Pro-vided Real-Time Insight Into 1000 Stores Amid Pandemic

Digital Transformation Pro-vided Real-Time Insight Into 1000 Stores Amid Pandemic

“Data is the Transformative Energy of the Modern Enterprise. When organizations tap the power of their data, they innovate, collaborate and grow.”

If you are looking for a way to weather the pandemic storm, survive and thrive during these uncertain times, check out how A&W morphed and pivoted successfully with their own data with the help of Cadeon, TIBCO’s 2020 High-Velocity Partner of the Year. During this webinar, we unpack how A&W realized how they had outgrown their systems and processes and how this was hindering their growth and sustainability. Without finding efficient ways of reporting or analysis and throwing more resources and increasing overhead to solve problems only proved to worsen the situation and resulted in diminishing returns.

"Business Transformation Should Always Be About the People" - Tariq Chaudhry, A&W

A&W found a much better way for their colleagues to do more fulfilling work, by removing the mundane, repetitive, administrative burden, and freeing up reporting time from 24 different sources to discover where the company stood at any given time. By freeing up time from the Operations department, their team could then focus more on providing value to their franchisees, and help them run better businesses. A&W also gained a serious competitive advantage by making the most of their data and technology and using this data to recession-proof the unanticipated COVID-19 pandemic. All this was made possible by fast-tracking their journey to digital transformation through Cadeon’s $10K RISK-FREE Challenge.

Delivering Innovation Through Information: Insights and Learnings from A&W's Digital Transformation

  • Reduction in their operating cost by 5500 man-hours per year
  • Increased ROI in just 30 days
  • Managing 1000+ locations in 1 easy to use dashboard
  • Pivoting and growing their systems to fit their business
  • Discovering better working environments and value for their employees
  • Increasing efficiencies
  • Reducing mundane tasks
  • Parsing through and utilizing data that actually matters
  • Training was available

A&W Handed Over the Task to Cadeon And TIBCO

We started the process back in March 2020 with a needs analysis, and thoroughly reviewing A&W’s data. Through the use of Spotfire’s software, we demonstrated streamlined opportunities found with their internal data systems including menu analyzers, and discovered methods to create working tasks more enjoyable for A&W employees. While empowering data analysts to create dashboards that provided for self-serving data, to allow other businesses to access said data at any given time, to provide to businesses to manage their business performance. Then the magic happened. Although the COVID-19 pandemic was not the initial driving factor for this initiative, the setup and training were conducted virtually, and the data we facilitated successfully helped A&W recognize the new buying patterns and allow for quick strategies and business decisions that gave A&W the ability to fight the pandemic head-on.

Top Three Wins

  1.  Freeing up time that was once dedicated to reporting resulted in a huge savings of time and effort, and more focus on other actionable parts of the business.

  2. How easy it was for everyone at A&W to get on board with the new systems and processes, especially during COVID, data is king.

  3. A&W now has real-time access to their companies data in a centralized location, with easy-to-use expandable dashboards. 

Results Using Cadeon and Spotfire

  • A&W was able to create real-time, efficient and user-friendly, agile self-serve dashboards and visibility into the business
  • A&W reduced their operating cost by 5500 man-hours
  • A&W is now able to view data from 1000 stores in one user-friendly dashboard
  • Reduction in collecting, transcribing and creating reports by 80% shifting from 4 hours to less than 1-hour per week
  • 100% spend less than 2 hours in reporting time per week
  • Satisfaction with reporting tools and solutions went from 2.6 to 4.3 out of 5
  • Ease of finding relevant company data went from 2.9 to 4.2 out of 5
  • Reliability of data jumped from a 3.4 to 4.3 out of 5
  • Overall job satisfaction moved from a 2.9 to 4 out of 5
  • Quick and easy triggers for financial opportunities to assist in uncertain times

What Is The Future Plan For A&W?

A&W plans to continue with Cadeon and Spotfire software and expanding the tools and dashboards that were created into different departments of their company. Thank you A&W for your trust and confidence, it has been a great journey!

If you are interested in a partner that will help you beat the competition, and learn how to quickly adapt and move in these ever-changing times, reach out today!

Take the $10K RISK-FREE Digital Transformation Challenge with Cadeon

Take part in our $10K Digital Transformation Challenge, where we prepare your business to adapt to the digital world! After a thorough needs analysis, business requirements and pain points, learning your business challenges including pulling data from multiple different sources and clouds, we provide you with the strategy, solutions, and necessary training and tools to ensure that you make data-driven decisions for your business! All we need is a short amount of your time. Our 40-hour consulting ‘test drive’ will show you key visualizations and where you can make data connections, to help drive faster, and smarter business decisions.

Cadeon will show the immense benefits from data, how to yield high ROI’s, and navigate through uncertain times, money-back guaranteed.

You Have Nothing to Lose, But So Much To Gain

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