Cassie Laudon

Account Executive

Cassie Laudon is the Account Executive.

I’m a highly motivated, customer-focused sales professional with a passion for helping businesses drive innovation and customer excellence through technology. I had the pleasure of working with Cadeon when my journey in the Tech industry first began at TIBCO Software in 2020. I knew Cadeon as our recurring Sales Partner of the Year, and I worked with Cadeon almost exclusively because the value that they were delivering to our customers was unparalleled. Now, I am part of the Cadeon team and I get to continue watching our customers transform with our help and expertise.

My role at Cadeon is heavily focused on sales, account management and marketing. My responsibilities include managing and nurturing client accounts – more importantly fostering a genuine relationship with our customers to ensure that their business is transforming into the vision that they came to us with. I make sure our customer base is happy with the services we provide and that they receive the value we promise to deliver. My forever goal is to understand the clients’ needs and translate them into effective solutions. I also collaborate with the Project Management Office to ensure smooth project execution and successful delivery of our services.

Cadeon’s culture is one of collaboration, growth, and innovation. Our CEO fosters an environment that encourages teamwork and cooperation. We have a collaborative approach to problem-solving and value the input and ideas of every team member. The company is dedicated to the growth and development of its employees and provides opportunities for learning and advancement. We embrace innovation and constantly strive to stay ahead in the ever-evolving software development industry.

As an Account Executive at Cadeon, I have the privilege of working on a diverse range of projects and initiatives. Each client and project presents unique challenges and opportunities, but what I find the most interesting is when we are helping clients implement a customized analytics solution that ends up optimizing their entire business operations. It is truly fascinating to see our technical team bring a client’s vision to life and witness the tangible impact it has on their business.

Cadeon offers comprehensive solutions to its clients, helping them achieve the most cost and time-effective delivery methods for their information solutions. We have a unique technical team, each member has many years of expertise in Oil and Gas, software development, consulting, teaching data analytics courses, and so much more. Our arsenal of technical expertise allows us to deliver tailored solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs no matter how challenging or grande they may be. Our aim is to add value by enabling our clients to leverage industry-leading technology and maximize their operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities.

Cadeon has added tremendous value to my career. I’ve worked at enterprise companies and small businesses that promise transparency and trust, which can be a difficult promise to keep for many different reasons. Phil Unger has succeeded at fostering a collaborative environment that practices transparency and trust within the company and with our clients and partnerships – being part of a company that is genuine at its core is invaluable to my career and success. I have honed my account management and project delivery skills. I have gained valuable experience in managing client relationships, understanding their business needs, and translating them into successful solutions. Cadeon has provided me with a platform to learn, grow, and contribute to the success of the company and its clients.

Working for Cadeon is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. The company’s collaborative culture and focus on growth provide a conducive environment for professional development. Cadeon offers a wide range of opportunities to work on exciting projects, interact with clients from diverse industries, and leverage cutting-edge technologies. If you are seeking a dynamic and innovative workplace where your contributions are valued and you can make a real impact, I would highly recommend considering a career at Cadeon.

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