Case Study

Spotfire® for Operational Dashboards in Energy

Drilling and completion teams in energy require effective means of communicating key daily parameters to the broader team and senior management. In many cases, engineers and technical support staff
spend considerable time exporting and aggregating data, and calculating key performance parameters. Typically, this information is then shared at morning meetings. Discrepancies often arise regarding things like total meters drilled, current completion activities, status, and near-term scheduled tasks.

Unfortunately, this can easily sidetrack the intended focus of the meeting – defining action items for the current day’s operational activities!


Cadeon, using Spotfire software, offers an approach that automates the relevant parts of this process. We automate the integration of data and the dissemination of insightful visualizations. Access is granted anytime, anywhere, to the right group of people.

This approach consistently uses the same
business rules offering an unambiguous version of the truth and generating trust in the results. Rather than manipulating data, people can reclaim a portion of their day to focus on increasing business value!

Cadeon has consistently provided superior visualization dashboards for energy customers
in North America.

Dashboards are updated on a schedule, perhaps every hour, and tap into back-end databases of common industry applications: Peloton’s Well View, IHS’ AccuMap, Geologic’s Frac Database, SAP Hana, and the customer’s own production and volume reporting software. Spotfire can directly connect to a variety of data sources, or Spotfire’s Advanced Data Services (ADS) can be used for providing a virtual layer for integrating data from source systems. ADS provides integrated, clean ‘views’ to the business, and offers an appealing alternative to the traditional on-premise datamart approach. Additionally, ADS offers performance tuning and caching capabilities for large data volumes.


Have a 360 degree view of relevant business metrics

Create a flexible portal specific to your business needs

Enable everyone in the business to make data-driven decisions

Free resources for more value added activities

The dashboard typically lands users on a simple page with the most pertinent business performance metrics. Things like current scheduled tasks, current drilling activity and status, current completion activity, current facility tie-ins, current and most recent production volumes, a glimpse into current spend versus budget, and finally, indicators as to how drilling and completion teams are aligned with a baseline schedule.

Users then click on relevant icons to access more detailed information on particular themes. For
example, clicking on a drilling icon takes users to a page with a full list of all current and historical drills, and allows users to view actual drilling curves compared against P25/P50 forecasts. Wells can be filtered by rig release year, target formation, etc.,
to quickly zone in on a relevant subset.

Icons allow users to easily navigate back to the landing page, or move on to other detailed analytical pages. All pages are related using a unique well identifier. For example, selecting a well on the drilling page zooms in to that well on a map, filters the actual, forecast and budget spend to that well on the CAPEX page, and filters to the forecasted type curve for that well type on the production page.

This dashboard is not just another off-the-shelf piece of software… It is a customized, flexible set of visualizations addressing pertinent business questions, built on a lightweight and adaptable data integration framework. Cadeon has developed a variety of these dashboards for energy customers. Our consultants have decades of experience in the energy industry, and can work collaboratively with the business to guide the design specifically for the business use cases.

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