2017 – A Year Of Disruption

2017 – A Year Of Disruption

Looking back on 2017 we see a huge focus on Data.  The America President insisted that the coverage from mainstream news outlets provide fake news and he has called them out time and time again.  His favorite way to communicate to his nation is via 140 characters on Twitter.  To me, that is a sign that there is so much information that we are all forced to take in every day that Twitter is becoming more popular as it isn’t overwhelming to read the 140 characters of any message.  We are all suffering from information overload.

This year the Retail Apocalypse claims 100-year-old brands like Sears and others because shopping online has become more convenient than going to a store.  Also, the demonetization of the cost of delivery has been removed to get the business. Brands like Dollar Shave Club and MTailor are providing men personalized service via online and monthly deliveries which is less time consuming than shopping each month for similar products. Advances in medicine and life expectancy are increasing as a result of data gathering and mining through companies like Human Longevity Inc. (HLI). Not only are they sequencing your Genome but understanding the Biome of your stomach is providing the data for people to catch any afflictions ahead of time and prevent genetic predispositions.

Amazingly up to 500 GB of data is captured on each person in a single visit.  Patient data is then added to the large dataset where machine learning algorithms are run looking for other possible clues or afflictions within the customer base. At Cadeon, we continue to grow our partnerships with companies like DataRobot and General Electric to provide value to our customers through better insight.  DataRobot is essentially Data Science in a box which quickly enables our customers to start their Data Science projects without having to hire a full-time Data Scientist.  With GE, we are very excited to work with them with Asset Performance Management (APM) and Predix for the Internet of Things (IoT).    We are only now seeing IOT take off.  However, the forecast is for 100 million sensors to be online by 2020.  Companies will need a comprehensive Data Strategy and Platform to handle this exponential increase in data to enrich existing operations. Every year is more exciting with the increase in knowledge but also daunting as managing all this new information is becoming more difficult.

You can count on Cadeon as your trusted advisor to steward you through and to the new opportunities leveraging all your information in the most effective way. On behalf of the staff at Cadeon and myself, we wish you a festive Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year! Best, Phil Unger President & CEO

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