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Watch this video to see why Cadeon’s $10K Challenge is your gateway to digital transformation success—without the usual risks.

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Transform Your Business with Cadeon's $10K Challenge

Experience groundbreaking digital transformation — no software investment required. Join successful companies, like Ticketmaster®, and discover powerful, data-driven insights in just 40 hours.



Discover how Cadeon’s $10K Challenge is revolutionizing the way businesses approach digital transformation. Born out of the common hurdles of budget constraints, lack of time, and inadequate resources, this challenge is designed to prove the value of data-driven decisions in a tangible, bite-sized engagement.


The Concept:

Imagine embarking on a journey where for only $10,000 and 40 hours, Cadeon brings the tools, installs the necessary software, and delivers a clear path to enhance your digital capabilities. All with no initial investment in software required by you.


Real Life Success:

From aiding a major restaurant chain in navigating operational changes during COVID-19 to integrating complex data sources for large and complex operations like Ticketmaster, our $10K Challenge has not just met but exceeded expectations, delivering powerful insights that propel businesses forward.

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The $10K Challenge Commitment:

Take on the $10K Challenge and see firsthand how Cadeon can kickstart or enhance your digital transformation. We’re so confident in our ability to deliver that if we don’t meet the agreed-upon objectives, the service is Absolutely Free.

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