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Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom are the Currency of Your Company.

But right now, you and your employees are making critical decisions and implementing critical processes based on intuition rather than solid, high-quality information.

In fact, your staff members may be spending as much as 60-80% of their time searching for information they need just to do their jobs.

What if you could find the way to unify ALL of your company’s information into a single user interface?

With Cadeon, Now you can.

What We Do

our-processAt Cadeon Associates our focus is the cost-effective delivery of all information solutions.

At the core of these solutions are our people, process and our partnerships with “game-changing” agile technology.

The Result: Data Based Decisions that Leads to Success in Today’s Exponentially Changing Business Environment.

How We Do It

Cadeon ProcessWe achieve the goal of converting Information Bloat into corporate profit by utilizing our Success Equation.

The key to our success is focusing on people first, then on process, and then lastly on technology.

Too many businesses start with technology and then grow frustrated because they must conform to the technology. This is backwards. The business and its people come first, then we maneuver the technology around the business requirements.

50% People + 40% Process + 10% Technology = 100% Success.

Cadeon Offers The Following Services:

Agile Data Warehousing
We have the ability to create Data Warehouses in a fraction of the time and with half the staff it normally requires.

Data Visualization, Reporting and Analytics
Empower your company by unlocking your information and visualizing the results in industry leading toolsets.

Data Virtualization
Quickly combine data from multiple database sources into a single interface – removing the complexity of integrating these sources.

Unified Information Access
We help you knit together every information asset in your company – whether it’s unstructured (documents, web pages, spreadsheets) or structured (databases, enterprise applications, subscription-based data) – so you and your employees have all the information you need at your fingertips, and more importantly, so you can see how it all ties together.

Enterprise Information Architecture
We give you a corporate view of exactly which information assets exist (including processes and applications) and how they relate to one another.

No longer can a company survive on tribal knowledge, conventional wisdom or pure intuition.

If you’re ready to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s working, what isn’t, and which trends
will lead to positive results, it’s time to leverage the solutions available to you now.

Schedule a phone consultation
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Schedule a phone consultation
with one of our experts today.
Call (403)475-2494

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