What Makes Cadeon Unique?

Personalized Service

One-size-fits-all solutions truly don’t fit anyone. That’s why we offer personalized services to meet each client’s specific need.

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Our solutions are made up of some of the most innovative companies who partner with us to make your business smarter.

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We take an iterative delivery approach to your timeline which accelerates months and yearly projects into days and weeks.

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Success Equation

50% People + 40% Process + 10% Technology = 100% Success. It all starts with our people. Let us get to know you better.

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Cadeon Associates Inc. is the “Trusted Authority in Turning Information into Money.” We help businesses become lean and powerful with their use of Information.

big-dataAttention: If you’re a business owner who is ready to put an end to wasted time, wasted resources, and lost profits, this is for you … Imagine: ALL the Information You and Your Employees Need, at Your Fingertips for MAXIMUM Productivity, Performance, and Profits.

In other words, your company’s most valuable asset – information – turned into cashflow, NOW. It’s very possible. Read on to learn more.

Information is the fastest-growing commodity in the world. It’s the biggest asset in your business! Chances are, it’s also the least-understood, worst-managed commodity in your business.

Did you know that on average, pure information management costs companies 3.5% of their net income? This means that a $1 billion company pays $35 million per year – just to manage its information.

How much money is YOUR company losing because of mismanaged information?

Consider the productivity lost when you or one of your staff members spend hours (or even days) looking for the information you need to finish a project, make a decision or create a new product?

What if there was a way to put ALL your company’s information into a single, cohesive, cross-functional structure, with one common purpose: to ensure effective delivery of information systems?

You can with Cadeon Associates Inc.

Why Does Our Approach Matter?

Relationship Focus

Our clients’ most successful projects yield the highest ROI when we established a strong relationship focus with them first. This focus starts with people, not just with bottom lines.

Skill Based Training

We are certified trainers so that we can pass the required skill set on to you and your team. It is important for our clients to have the knowledge and skill needed to access important data quickly.

Nontraditional Innovation

We solve critical business information problems with thorough, nontraditional, innovative solutions. We don’t just treat the symptoms; we solve your problems.

How To Get Started?

Let’s Talk … Schedule a relaxed, low-pressure phone consultation
with one of our experts today by calling 403-475-2494.

Let’s Talk … Schedule a relaxed, low-pressure phone consultation
with one of our experts today.
Call (403)475-2494

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