Cadeon Inc. | James Louie

Data Analyst Specialist


I am working as Data Analyst Specialist. I worked on many small- and large-scale projects which allowed me to expand my data toolset and knowledge. Experienced with Power BI and produce real-time reports and analysis via dashboards.


What Do you Do at Cadeon?

My Role at Cadeon is to be responsible for responsibility to source customer data and use it to help clients make better business decisions.

How would you describe Cadeon’s Culture?

Cadeon culture is one in which I can keep growing, both as a human being and as an employee. Place where they put a lot of emphasis on continuous learning, and where you get a chance to work on complex projects.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve worked on?

As an analyst, I spend a significant amount of time producing and maintaining both internal and client-facing reports. Those reports give management insights about new trends on the horizon as well as areas the company may need to improve upon.

What Value Does Cadeon Add to the Client?

Cadeon offers Solutions to its clients to get added outcomes by utilizing advanced technology. 

What Value do you think Cadeon has Added to your Career?

Cadeon offers its workforce a plethora of on-the-job learning opportunities on new technologies (Spotfire) for career development. 

What Would You Tell Someone Considering Working at Cadeon?

Working for Cadeon is ideal for those who have the desire to plan and prioritize the tasks and are ready to juggle multi projects.

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