Data Analytics Developer


Dave is part of the client enablement team. He supports clients and enables them to use BI software in order to provide a sound foundation for business decisions.


How would you describe Cadeon’s culture?

Cadeon is heavily focused on helping its employees become the very best, so the job itself is very fulfilling and everyone is always there, and willing to help when you need it. New employees can expect to develop both professionally and personally.


What do you like best about Cadeon?

Cadeon is heavily focused on developing its employees by providing the appropriate mentoring and training to be part of the team.


What is the most interesting thing you’ve worked on?

They are working for a client seeking to generate highly comprehensive safety reports. This is interesting because he can introduce them to BI software and help them accelerate their business decision-making.


Where do you think Cadeon is going?

Dave sees Cadeon growing very rapidly. Most clients are in Canada, but the business is increasing its global presence as well.


What value do you think Cadeon adds for its clients?

Cadeon offers access to consulting services, training, and licenses for BI software and advanced software. Having exposure to this software is helps businesses make faster decisions and helps them get the most value out of their data.


What value has Cadeon added to your career?

Dave states that Cadeon helped introduce him to the world of advanced analytics, which has given him an advantage. Nowadays, so many processes are driven by automation and AI so having a strong understanding of them provides leverage.


What would you tell someone considering working at Cadeon?

For anyone planning on joining Cadeon, the importance is to be flexible, to express your capabilities in terms of past experiences, and to explain how you can add value to the rapidly growing business. Finally, it is important to be yourself!

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