Senior Account Executive


Darcy is a proven leader with a strong technical and management background combined with a passion for improvement. Enthusiastic and highly motivated team player with a record of success across a wide variety of roles. His key strength is his ability to create and motivate high performing, multi-disciplinary teams who are able to exceed expectations. A strategic thinker who turns ideas into action and ensures that the result is a satisfied client. He value honesty, integrity, and hard work and He believe that technology exists to enable business success.


How would you describe Cadeon’s culture?

Cadeon has a dynamic and fast-paced culture. Because Cadeon works with many clients, the team sees a wide variety of use cases. The team applies data integration and analytics to solve issues. Employees see and learn a lot of things, and meet a lot of interesting people, as well as work on many interesting projects.


What do you like best about Cadeon?

The fact that Cadeon is on the cutting edge of the digital transformation, and everything we do involves using data to solve real business problems. The advanced analytics and machine learning surrounding this make it an interesting space to be in.


What is the most interesting thing you’ve worked on?

The most interesting project was with a client who employed analytics to control and steer the drill bit at the bottom of a well, which was an interesting application of real-time analytics.


Where do you think Cadeon is going?

I see nothing but good for Cadeon, we are on the cutting edge of allowing clients to see and take control of all of their data, and to use that data to solve real problems.


What value do you think Cadeon adds for its clients?

The value that we add is that we give the clients to take the data they already have, to digitize it, and to give them the ability to examine it using advanced analytics. This then drives a huge amount of value.


How do you think Cadeon has added to your career?

Darcy states that working with Cadeon provides exposure to the very latest and greatest in technology. It’s an interesting space, and this exposure has been invaluable to his career growth.


What would you tell someone considering working at Cadeon?

A person coming to Cadeon needs to be flexible, independent, and a self-starter.

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