The right training is key to ensuring businesses fully access and leverage their data.

Cadeon’s TIBCO Spotfire courses are delivered by experienced training consultants who regularly employ this software, and courses are customized to fit the clients' needs - from beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

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TIBCO Spotfire is data analytics software designed for self-service data discovery and visualization, dashboards and analytic applications, and predictive analytics.

It is easier than ever to start creating insightful visualizations with only a few mouse clicks. However, to harness the full potential of Spotfire, training courses are offered for different user roles, in either a mentored online or classroom format.


On-Site Training

For all users developing Spotfire visualizations and dashboards, Cadeon recommends classroom delivery of the two Fundamentals courses, followed by classroom delivery of the two Advanced courses at a later time.

On-site classroom training enables attendees to clear their day-to-day agendas to focus on Spotfire capabilities, provides an engaging atmosphere rife with questions and discussion, and as outlined on the following page, provides access to the online course videos for reference as well. It really is the winning formula, and is more cost effective than online training for larger groups


Training by Role

Viewer: Consume Spotfire analyses created by Authors.

Author: Create visualizations for individual use, or create reports and dashboards for deployment to the Spotfire Server for consumption by Viewers. Two to four days of classroom training is available, encompassing the two Fundamentals courses for ad-hoc users, the Advanced Calculations course for power users, and the Advanced Configurations course for designers.

Administrator: Typically a resource from the IT department that administers the Spotfire Server, including content and user security. Two Administrator Fundamentals courses are available for system administrators, and an Information Services course is available for data administrators.


What is TIBCO Spotfire training?

Cadeon’s TIBCO course is delivered by practitioners: people who regularly employ this software and can show customers how best to use it not only at a beginner level, but also at intermediate and advanced levels. These courses help businesses and their employees master TIBCO programs with the direct assistance of an experienced training consultant.

Cadeon offers Fundamentals classes including:

  • a 2-day starter course
  • TIBCO Admin
  • more advanced courses on the topic 

Clients can request customized courses based on their industry needs. Cadeon’s consultants are also happy to assist students after they’ve completed their courses if they have any questions.


Why is TIBCO Spotfire training important?

The right training is a key facet of empowering businesses to fully access and leverage their data. Compared to standard tools like spreadsheets and straightforward office suites, TIBCO software has an incredible level of power and capability. 

In sixteen hours, Cadeon’s instructors teach clients the capabilities that they need to know and inform them of all of the relevant best practices. More advanced courses are also available to help clients unlock the software’s potential even further.


How does TIBCO Spotfire training benefit an organization?

The great benefit of Cadeon’s ability to train clients to use TIBCO’s technology is that it “teaches them how to fish”. We equip clients with all the skills they need to succeed.

Cadeon helps clients understand the best and fastest way to access and display information. We teach clients best practices for visualizing information both for themselves and for broader business use. Cadeon’s ability to ensure that clients can use TIBCO’s software to its fullest extent allows them to fully leverage their investment and can prove to be an absolute game-changer.


Could you tell us about a case study that involved TIBCO Spotfire training?

One of Cadeon’s many clients is a large financial institution that had thousands of employees to train. Cadeon worked hand in hand with this client to create a curriculum. It was specifically designed to build employees’ expertise in a way that made sense to them. 

This highly customized training initiative resulted in such success that many years later, Cadeon is still this institution’s preferred training partner, and the partner continues to enjoy ongoing training.  


Why should an organization choose Cadeon for this service?

While many competitors and software companies offer training, Cadeon truly goes above and beyond in terms of training their clients, and three key factors set them apart.

First, our clients are always trained by a practitioner with extensive experience in using the software in question. Clients can expect guidance from someone who is familiar with all aspects of the program, rather than “death by PowerPoint”.

Second, while most software programs offer generic training, Cadeon customizes the course to fit clients’ needs and ensures that all material is relevant and tailored to the client’s specific industry.

Finally, Cadeon has been training clients on TIBCO Spotfire for the past five years. We have trained thousands of students. We have successfully helped novices with little experience in data analytics learn to use TIBCO’s software at an advanced level.

Cadeon’s customer satisfaction rate is in the high 90s percentile, and we are constantly keeping our finger on the pulse and our eye on customers’ needs. We refine and add new courses regularly, so be sure to stay in touch!


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