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Create an Intuitive Data Warehouse in Less Time

Integrating offline and online data into a central repository with data warehouse automation means you’ll get exactly the information you need, when you need it, and enables agile decision-making derived directly from your business’ data insights.

Some key benefits of Cadeon’s data warehouse automation, compared to traditional data warehousing, include increased control over IT costs, improved data consistency and accuracy, a common language for better collaboration, and an increase in speed and agility.


How Can Data Warehousing Help My Business?

By integrating data from all offline and online sources into a central repository and enhancing your ability to uncover business insights.

  • Regain control of IT costs and accelerate time-to-value.
  • Improve data consistency.
  • Create accurate data hierarchies.
  • Increase team productivity.

Our Take On Your Data Warehousing Needs

We partner with Kalido, a leading provider in data warehousing automation, to collect business keywords and provide a master source of that information. Here are some key benefits of this approach compared to traditional data warehousing.

  • Create a common language for better business and IT collaboration.
  • Gain automation, agility and speed.
  • Capture current requirements and reduce project risk.

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