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Data security analytics is not just important; it is essential. With the advent of the dark web, and the increasing number of criminals lurking in the internet world, securing business data is more important than ever.

Cadeon partners with world-class security providers and employs the power of analytics and machine learning, and all of the expert techniques geared toward keeping businesses and their data safe.


How Can Data Security Help Your Business?

By giving you peace of mind, knowing that your network and corporate environment are as safe as ever. An agile, intelligent and self-learning data security approach is used to gain business confidence and insights without needing the technical knowledge to secure your information, such as the current threat environment or where data is located.

  • Respond faster to security events with analytics.
  • Significantly reduce time to response and prevention.
  • Increase simplicity, compliance and regulatory reporting.

Find Success with Synapses – the ‘BIG’ data platform

Cadeon has put together an approach and platform that allows any organization to succeed in the world of Big Data. Understanding and leveraging the right information is the first step. Increase the value of your business by accessing the data you need, the moment you need it.


What is data security analytics?

Data security and analytics is knowing that your data and network are safe, and that you can trust that people are not getting in from outside or causing difficulty from within.

Cadeon entered the cyber-security space to offer their clients protection, and to complement their other data analytics offerings. Working with a partner, Cadeon has developed a solution that is very visual, gamified, and uses machine learning.  

Cadeon’s security analytics allows them to leverage data visualization and machine learning to snapshot the network and spot anomalies or patterns that change.


Why is data security analytics important?

Data security analytics is not just important: it is essential. With the advent of the dark web, and the increasing level of criminal activity online, securing business data is more important than ever. As soon as the company is exposed to a network, it is exposed to threats. 

Cadeon’s data security analytics goes beyond solutions such as firewalls. While firewalls get updated every 4 days, and only take known risks into account, Cadeon's security analytics aim to stop threats before they fully manifest, and regularly monitors for unknown threats. By viewing “snapshots” of network activity, Cadeon’s data security analytics permit individuals to investigate any anomalies before they cause harm.


What trends do you see?

In this day and age, data security analytics is a “boardroom conversation”. Changes in technology have created an increase in certain vulnerabilities, and hackers are now more professionalized when compared to hobbyists or freelancers of the past.

Today’s malignant activities are no longer obvious: they simulate patterns of human activity or lie dormant for a significant amount of time before activating, and use analytics and machine learning. Cadeon's security solutions offer robust protection against these modern threats.


How does data security and analytics benefit an organization?

Cadeon’s data security analytics protect against threats from within a network, which are more common and more difficult to detect. If any bad behaviour is taking place, a company can investigate and mediate. This provides businesses with peace of mind that their system is protected from both the inside and outside. 

Could you tell us about a case study that employed data security and analytics?

Our data security analytics have proven to be highly advantageous to Cadeon’s oil and gas clients. It allows them to conveniently view their network, and to understand anomalies. For example, when someone went to an offsite location at 2:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning, and connected to address an issue, Cadeon was able to show them all of the activity and provide a sense of comfort and confidence.


Why choose Cadeon for this service?

Data security analytics fits into Cadeon’s area of expertise. We are able to ensure our clients' security by partnering with world-class security providers to employ the power of analytics and machine learning, and the many other techniques we apply to data.

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