Why work with Cadeon?


Working with Cadeon offers an ideal opportunity in a very exciting space - working with world-class customers and technology. Team members who love a challenge will enjoy finding innovative solutions to clients’ data needs or problems. Finally, working with our close-knit team of senior-level experts helps any new team member sharpen their skills and up their game.



How would you describe Cadeon’s culture?

Cadeon is an 11-year-old startup, with an open and supportive culture. A day in the life of an employee might include interfacing with customers as well as working on projects. Those who thrive in this environment are motivated self-starters who enjoy fulfilling their role with a high level of expertise and independence. At the same time, Cadeon's environment is highly collaborative and team-oriented, so new team members can also expect guidance and support from their colleagues.


What type of positions does Cadeon hire for?

Cadeon is looking for data engineers and specialists, as well as data scientists. 


What does it take to work with Cadeon?

To work with Cadeon, an individual should be a self-starter, a team player, and should enjoy variety. The environment is highly collaborative, so team members must be very comfortable asking and answering questions.

Most importantly, working for Cadeon is ideal for those who have the determination, drive, and the desire to build their skills.


What would you tell someone considering working with Cadeon?

We would suggest the person look around at other businesses in this space and understand how we differ. We have a rich history of success stories with clients because we offer a full solution, and set the bar high.

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