WireService.ca Press Release (04/03/2018) Calgary, AB -­ Phil Unger, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cadeon Inc. ("Cadeon"), a leading provider of data and information management services, announced today that Niaz Tadayyon has been named Chief Analytics Officer (“CAO”). Niaz will lead Cadeon’s advanced analytics team on innovating and solidifying its core offering of turning data into actionable insight. Her focus will be on:

  • Enhancing Cadeon’s data analytics and business intelligence solutions.
  • Inventing new avenues for data creation.
  • Developing and implementing seamless onboarding protocols for clients exploring data analytics, data science, machine learning and AI.
  • Growing Cadeon’s data analytics team by recruiting forward-thinking data scientists.

“We are very excited about Niaz’s new role,” says Unger. “As our chief practitioner, Niaz helps to articulate the value data science, business analytics and business intelligence brings to our customers both verbally and programmatically. She lives in both worlds and now with her new role, she will continue to shape the journey of Cadeon’s direction in this space with clients, partners and suppliers to keep us on the leading edge of delivering outstanding value to our customers.”

In Niaz’s words:

I am honoured and privileged to accept this role as CAO at Cadeon. Having worked with Cadeon for the past three years, I feel very aligned with their core values surrounding helping clients leverage and organize their existing data into invaluable information that can serve as drivers for critical decision making. The world is moving towards the rapid adoption of data organization, visualization, machine learning, virtualization and analytics. Cadeon has a unique ability to simplify and integrate its powerful framework into our client’s existing ecosystems in a simple and very digestible way. Our goal is to help make our client’s data actionable. This means developing a hub to consolidate it, access it real time and have the ability to manipulate it to evaluate scenarios/outcomes and ask better questions. This is a core capability for our customer’s journey to digital transformation. In my role as CAO my goal will be to educate and empower clients and guide them through this process in a way that is non-invasive to their existing business operations.


About Niaz Tadayyon

Niaz Tadayyon is the Chief Analytics Officer at Cadeon Inc., leading consulting engagements to develop high-value analytic solutions. She has been working on Advanced Analytics, Statistical Applications, Business Intelligence and Data Integration for the past 16 years. She has been contributed to the success of large and complex data integrations, Business Intelligence and advanced analytics solutions across a number of industries including Oil and Gas, Energy Utility, Transportation, Financial Services, Insurance, Consumer Goods & Retail, and Mining. Niaz did her Bachelor of Applied Mathematics in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal. Niaz is an also instructor at the University of Calgary.  

About Cadeon

Cadeon is a leading provider of data and information management services across North America. As a premiere VAR in Canada, Cadeon specializes in forumulating innovative solutions that help businesses make data-driven decisions, recover lost revenue and predict future business trends. To-date, has helped clients discover over $300 Million in business as a result of its personalized, innovative, fast and measurable approach. Learn More about Cadeon.


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